February 3, 2008

California's Presidential Primary Election on 2/5/2008

With California's presidential primary election a few days away, I thought it would be a good idea to post some links to web sites that can provide information on the different propositions.  Many folks who have purchased property in Loreto are from California, which allows me to rationalize this post.

There are many good presidential candidates this year and I urge everyone to watch the debates and vote.  Although I have made up my mind on my choice for presidential candidate, this post only provides information and links on the propositions that are on the 2/5/20008 ballot. 

First, in addition to the Elections and Voter Information site from the California Secretary of State, there's a great wiki website with a lot of information on the propositions on our ballot:

Ballotpedia's mission: with your help, Ballotpedia aims to be an abundant and growing source of information on citizen initiatives, ballot access, petition drives, initiative and referendum for political change, and associated subjects.

Specifically, here's the summary page for the California 2008 ballot measures:


Here are the direct links to the Elections and Voter Information site from the California Secretary of State and to the ballotpedia.org pages for each proposition:

Proposition Voter Information ballotpedia.org
91 Click Here Click Here
92 Click Here Click Here
93 Click Here Click Here
94, 95, 96 and 97 Click Here Click Here

Finally, here are the official positions of the Democratic and Republican parties:

Proposition Democratic Republican
  Source Source
91 No Neutral
92 Neutral Opposed
93 Yes Opposed
94, 95, 96 and 97 Neutral Yes

If you haven't already voted by mail using an absentee ballot, please vote on Tuesday 2/5/2008.  It's the people that vote that define the policies that impact our lives for years to come.

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