January 5, 2007

Loreto Golf Course

Here are some pictures of the Loreto Golf course, from a December 2005 trip.

Joe gets ready to hit the ball
Notice the La Giganta mountains

Joe did most of the playing while I took pictures. I played a bit at the beginning, but I get tired fast. The front 9 are ok, but the back 9 are amazing, with view of the La Giganta mountains and the Sea of Cortez. When Joe and I played, we passed right by our lot on hole no. 5; we saw some houses, but we had no idea that we would end up buying a lot right there! For pictures of the golf course, click here:


Note: the pictures above are public. But you will need a username and password to access many other albums. If you are a friend or family and you'd like to see other albums on http://pictures.ehuna.org shoot me an email (you might find yourself in one or more of these password protected pictures)..

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