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March 24, 2007
Mountain Biking in Loreto
The Outdoors News Wire web site (www.outdoornewswire.com) has a great article on mountain biking in Baja and in Loreto. If ever want to mountain bike in Baja, the article also mentions that Trudi Angell runs bike tours and bike/sea kayak...

February 06, 2007
Scuba Diving in Loreto
Janelle and I started Scuba Diving about 5 years ago. We got certified in Monterey, California - it was really cold and all we saw was one crab. Janelle's hair flows in the water during one of our dives Since...

January 28, 2007
Loreto Mission: "head and mother" of all the Spanish missions in the Californias
As I mentioned in a previous article, Loreto was the capital of both Californias about 240 years ago (the current Mexican State of Baja California and the current U.S. State of California). Loreto was also the location where one of...

January 10, 2007
Watching Whales in Loreto
I just saw a press release from the Mexico Tourism Board with great information on Whale Watching in Baja and Loreto: Picture of tourists touching a Gray Whaleoff the Baja California coast in MexicoGray whales are 52 feet long and...

January 05, 2007
Loreto Golf Course
Here are some pictures of the Loreto Golf course, from a December 2005 trip. Joe gets ready to hit the ballNotice the La Giganta mountainsJoe did most of the playing while I took pictures. I played a bit at the...

January 01, 2007
Sea Kayaking Tours in Loreto
Every time we've been in Loreto I've seen sea kayakers moving along on the Sea of Cortez. I heard it's fun, but haven't yet it tried it. Here's a company that organizes Sea Kayaking trips: Sea Kayaking Tours http://www.tofino.com/baja_sea_kayaking_tours.htm Check...