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Category: 07 - House Ideas -

March 25, 2007
In-Wall Speakers
Hopefully soon we'll be working with our architect to create floor plans, sections and elevations that our contractor in Mexico will be able to use. In addtion to sections and elevations, I would like to have additional plans that show...

January 24, 2007
Making the house handicap accessible
Janelle has been working hard on a new design for the house. One of the ideas she had was to make sure that the house will be accessible to handicapped folks. Making sure folks with wheelchairs can use our bathrooms...

December 31, 2006
Rolling Doors and Grilles
Janelle had a good idea to protect the house: rolling doors or sliding grilles. Here's a web site with samples: Cookson Company Rolling Doors and Grilles This will allow us to keep the house safe while we're away and can...