March 7, 2007

Category pages

The site has grown to quite a few articles and it's not very convenient to display all article in the main page. For this reason, I will only display the articles that have been published in the last 30 days on the main page.

One way to access archived articles (which are not being displayed on the main page) is through the category pages. You can use the links under the "Categories" section on the right, or use the links below:

01 - General: General items that didn't fit anywhere else.
02 - Videos: Videos of Loreto, our lot and more.
03 - Pictures: Pictures of Loreto or our lot. Requires username and password (which friends and family can easily get for free).
04 - Maps: Maps of Loreto, Baja, etc...
05 - Loreto Bay: Articles related to the Loreto Bay project.
06 - Links: Links to other sites.
07 - House Ideas: Ideas we have while we are designing the house.
08 - Loreto Activities: Fun activities available in Loreto.
09 - House Designs: Different designs of the house and we change our minds.
10 - Home Depot: Pictures and descriptions of items we found at the Home Depot in Cabos San Lucas in Baja.

Posted by emmanuel at March 7, 2007 12:36 PM
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