December 31, 2006

Loreto Bay, Agua Viva Neighborhood

Loreto Bay has started selling units on their second neighborhood, called "Agua Viva", or "Living Water" in Spanish.

Below I copy information on this second neighborhood. I have also published a couple of videos on Agua Viva and a map that shows the location of our lot in relation to Agua Viva - see this summary article for details.

Loreto Bay Homes
Phase 2 - Agua Viva

Phase 2 of The Villages of Loreto Bay will be Agua Viva or "Living Water." Like Founders’ Neighborhood, Agua Viva offers a variety of home designs, including courtyard homes, luxury condominiums, beachfront and golf course custom homes. This neighborhood is a vibrant confluence of human habitation, the Sea of Cortés, and a series of regenerated estuaries.

Agua Viva has all the ingredients of a great historical village. There is an old world Mexican charm in the narrow, sinuous streets connecting to sunlight in courtyard after courtyard. Moving from shadow to splashes of light, refreshing fountains of water, vibrant colors, and the fragrance of bougainvillea – all the senses are invigorated

Here you’ll find homes with close ties to the water, where backyards become estuaries and the Sea of Cortés is always just steps away. Many of these soft-edged estuaries and more structured canals will commence their five mile, meandering journey through Loreto Bay in Agua Viva. These waterways will offer delightful kayaking opportunities, (in many cases, right from your home!) and will provide a refuge and/or nursery for an array of marine life and water fowl adding to the kayak experience.

The Village Center is an island located where it all flows together. Cafes, studios and galleries populate the edges of this vibrant village center and golfers play through the center of the village like the best of Europe’s old world courses. There are performance spaces, gathering spaces, and wide promenades along the water’s edge. Posadas, or small hotel apartments, look down into the town square and out across the estuary to the sea and the Sierra de la Giganta mountains.

Agua Viva is a place where estuaries will continue to regenerate the habitat for fish, crustaceans and birds, all feeding and sustaining the sea. Constructed canals are designed in Agua Viva to regenerate native mangrove forests and the rich marine and bird life they support. Agua Viva will be a place where canals wind through walkable neighborhoods.

Learn more about becoming a home owner to share in this unique community.

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