January 1, 2007

Where in the world is Loreto?

I have created a series of satellite pictures describing where Loreto is located and where you can find our lot in Loreto.

The rest of the pictures and maps are found below. I used Google Earth to generate the screenshots, see this article for more information.

Where in the world is Loreto?

Loreto is located in the Mexican State of "Baja California", south of San Diego, just a couple of hours (by plane) from Los Angeles:

If we zoom in a bit more, we can see Loreto is located on the southern part of Baja, or in spanish "Baja California Sur" (BCS). Baja has the Pacific ocean on its left and the Sea of Cortez on its right. "

Los Cabos", the town where all of the Hollywood stars go hang out is located at the southern tip of BCS (Note: "Los Cabos" is actually made up of two towns, "Cabos San Lucas" and "San Jose del Cabos"):

If we zoom in a bit more, we can see that the city of Loreto is surrounded by three island: Isla Coronados, Isla Carmen, and Isla Danzante. This makes for great Scuba Diving and fishing, but keep in mind that the whole area is a protected marine area (click here for more details):

One of the main attractions for us purchasing a lot in Loreto and trying to build a house is the fact that the town has an International aiport. Every time we go to Todos Santos we have to travel to either La Paz or Cabos for 3-4 hours and then drive 1-2 hours on a dangerous two lane highway. When flying to Loreto, it takes less than 2 hours from Los Angeles and then it's a 10 minute drive to downtown, a hotel or our lot:

Here's a closer shot of the Loreto International airport. Notice that it's just south of downtown Loreto:

As you drive south from the airport, make a left and you end up in Nopolo, the Loreto neighborhood where our lot is located. In the picture below you can see existing homes in the Nopolo neighborhood, the town's tennis center, the golf course (front 9) and at the bottom of the picture the location of our lot:

Here's another shot that shows the Sea of Cortez, the golf course (front and back 9), the Inn at Loreto Bay, the Loreto Bay Founder's neighborhood and at the top, the location of our lot:

In this shot we can see how close we will be to the "Agua Viva" neighborhood of Loreto Bay once it's completed (click here for more details). As I write this, the Whales Inn hotel (click here for pictures) was recently purchased and is being renovated

If we zoom in at the street level, you can see our lot is the 6th lot in the "Retorno Mission San Javier" street. We are right on hole no. 5 in the golf course and so far no one has built to our right or behind us, which gives us a great view of the mountains.

Someday I hope to update this article with satellite pictures of our house on the lot. :-)

Posted by emmanuel at January 1, 2007 5:06 PM
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