January 2, 2007

Loreto Bay Co., Sustainable or Greenwashing?

Baja Life Magazine (www.bajalifemag.com) has published a great article on the sustainability of the Loreto Bay Project. You can download the PDF file here:

Loreto Bay Co., Sustainable or Greenwashing?
Click here for PDF File (1.28 MB), original file here.
You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the PDF document. If you don't have it, click here to download it.

Ever since I heard that Loreto Bay wanted to be a "sustainable development", I always asked myself what that means exactly. I knew that from a marketing perspective it's a great way to approach environmentally conscious folks from the United States and Canada. But I'm a software engineer, and I have learned that great ideas from marketing and business folks can't always be translated to something real.

The beautiful Sea of Cortez
The PDF article contains great pictures of the area

I have to say this article cleared up my doubts. There are many tough questions to the Loreto Bay owners and they answer well enough. There was something funny from one of the nay-Sayers who criticized Loreto Bay. At one point, the following is mentioned:

Linda Kinninger is able to obtain eco-friendly
products by flying them in with her own private
airplane, but most people do not have this luxury.

What? Maybe I'm missing something, but using a personal airplane and burning thousands of gallons of fuel is probably not very friendly to the environment. Using a couple of bio-degradable soaps won't make up for the damage you're causing Mrs. Kinninger. Thanks to this Future Loreto Bay owner, that's where I found the link to the article.

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